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How does Winzos! work?

Watch this video for a quick overview on how it works!

Here's the scoop:

First, sign up for free!

Then, start answering trivia questions to earn tickets/entries towards active contests. When you earn tickets, they are applied to all running contests - ain't that cool? You only get tickets for correct answers of course. If you answer a question wrong, you'll lose 1 ticket per live contest. You'll see the number of entries in the corner of the app increase as you answer questions.

Every hour, we hold a giveaway based on the number of tickets across all players for that hour and pick a winner. It's random but the more tickets you have, the higher chances you have to win the hour contest. Since we have other live contests at any given time, you may win these as well.

Contests usually feature Z-Bucks - the Winzos! currency. Get enough Z-Bucks to redeem for prizes in the prize shop!

Some contests also feature other prizes such as cash, bitcoin, gift cards and even physical prizes and since your tickets are applied to all running contests, you have more than one way to win!

Updated on: 31/05/2021