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How do you fight fraud?

Because Winzos is designed to be free-to-play and our players can win and earn free prizes, we take measures to ensure fair, safe and ultimately sincere play. Our advertisers and partners expect this as well.

If a player is found to be "gaming" or "cheating" the system, they may be suspended or banned from the service - either at our discretion or our partners'. Some survey providers have their own fraud check systems and if they are triggered, you will not be able to complete surveys in the future (and there really isn't much we can do).

Another way we ensure "real play" is by verifying identity when a player redeems for a prize. We ask for a valid photo ID before we process your first redemption and may ask for further identity proof if we feel the first submission is not adequate.

In short, please don't cheat.

Updated on: 22/10/2021